About the book

"If you draw your dreams, they will come true"

This has been my motto since I moved from Isfahan, a beautiful city in the center of Iran, to Tehran and later on to Brussels. My name is Azam Masoumzadeh and as a visual & digital storyteller I focus on animation, virtual reality and augmented reality. Since I left my hometown, I take a book with the poetry of Omar Khayyam everywhere I go. Whenever I need it, I start whispering his poems, just like my mom did when I was a kid. It brings me insight and comfort. Now I’m creating a book for you, which can accompany and inspire you during your own journey!

And it is not just a comic book. It also contains illustrations in augmented reality: when you scan them, invisible layers become visible and you hear the poetry in voiceover. A book which reminds us to enjoy life and the very first comic book with augmented reality printed in Belgium!

The book shows a  powerful and unexpected view of Iran, different from what media present us today. It also gives voice to my personal story across different cultures, as a woman, inspired by the still so relevant wisdom of this 11th century poet.